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What does a Category C1 licence entitle you to drive?

A C1 licence will allow you to drive vehicles weighing between 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes, with or without a trailer up to 750kg. It is ideal for those people seeking employment making deliveries for local companies, paramedics and removal businesses. The minimum age to take this licence is 18 years old. At Celtic Transport Training, we provide a personal Category C1 training service at a competitive price.

In April 2010, a new legislation was introduced relating to who can supervise learner drivers in Category C1 7.5 tonnes. According to the legislation, those holding pre-1997 licences on grandfather rights can no longer supervise learners. Only drivers who have passed the DSA C1 or C LGV test can now supervise learners in category C1 – 7.5 tonnes, providing they passed the relevant test prior to the new legislation and only if grandfather rights were already held. If they have passed the practical test after this date, the standard 3-year qualifying period to act as a supervising driver for the relevant category applies.

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Personalised training

At Celtic Transport Training, we provide training and courses for the category C1 – 7.5 tonne licence, which covers horseboxes, ambulances and motorhomes. We also provide C1+E – 7.5 tonne and trailer test courses for anyone wishing to tow with their C1 vehicle.

As with the B+E entitlement, drivers passing their test from January 1997 (including re-tests) do not have automatic entitlement to drive a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes. In order to gain this entitlement, an additional C1 driving test and theory test must be taken and passed.

If you require the C1 – 7.5 tonne licence for your work, you may also require a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) in addition to the vocational licence.

Our C1 – 7.5 tonne courses are designed for those who do not require the driver CPC.

The route for potential candidates for the C1-7.5 tonne test is as follows:

  • Have a driver’s medical certificate to prove that you are physically fit to drive a Category C1 vehicle. Form D4 needs to be completed. It can be obtained online at
  • Obtain your provisional entitlement on your licence by sending completed forms D2 and D4 with your licence to the DVLA. The licence will generally be returned within 2 to 4 weeks with the provisional entitlement added
  • Take and pass the LGV theory test and hazard perception test (please note that these are two separate tests).

    Contact Celtic Transport Training to book your practical training for the C1 test – 7.5 tonne.

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