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At Celtic Transport Training, we offer LGV lessons to customers across Cornwall. We provide training in modern, air-conditioned vehicles.

Step-by-step guide to LGV Category C

The LGV Category C license will allow drivers who pass the Category C driving test to drive any rigid Category C vehicle up to 32 tonnes. You must be at least 18 years of age and must have a full Category B license in order to attend our LGV Category C course.

Step 1

You have to apply to DVLA for a provisional Category C license. You have to complete a D4 medical form and a D2 provisional application form. If you would like us to send you the D4 medical form and D2 provisional application, please let us know.

The timescale depends on the candidate sending through application/medical form to the DVLA. Once received by the DVLA, the candidate can expect to receive their license back within 10 to 14 days, providing no additional information is required by the DVLA, i.e. if something has been filled out incorrectly on the application form or additional information is required relating to the medical information received.

You can download the D2 and D4 forms here.

LGV Category C
LGV Category C + E
LGV Category C1
LGV Category B + E

Step 2

On receipt of the provisional Category C licence, you have to arrange with Celtic Transport Training your training needs and timescale required. We will arrange Module 1a (theory) and Module 1b (hazard perception) tests with DSA. At this point, we would also arrange the Driver CPC Initial Module 2 case study test if required.

The price per person for the theory and hazard perception tests is £50.00 (£35.00 for theory and £15.00 for hazard perception) – no VAT. If the candidate is unsuccessful with either of the tests, they can be rebooked individually.

Theory will be completed within 2 to 3 weeks, based on the availability.

Step 3

On passing theory/hazard perception tests, we will arrange a standard training course including Module 3 (practical test). The majority of candidates will require a standard 5-day course. At this point, we would also arrange a Driver CPC Initial Module 4 Vehicle Safety Questions Test, subject to the candidate already passing the Driver CPC Initial Module 2 Case Study Test.

The price per person for the Module 3 practical test is £115.00 – no VAT.

Based on the course availability, courses are usually available within 2 to 4 weeks (however, courses sometimes are available at short notice).

On passing the Module 3 (practical test), the candidate’s license will be sent through to DVLA to add the new license entitlement. At this point, provisional license entitlement for Category C+E will be granted.

Initial Driver CPC from 10th September 2009
Additional modular tests (Modules 2 and 4) are required if the candidate obtained their Category B (car license) after 1997.
The price for case study (Module 2) is £30.00 per person (taken at step 2). The price for driver CPC practical test (vehicle safety questions test) (Module 4) is £55.00 per person. This does not include Celtic Transport Training’s vehicle/training. Contact us for further information about the Driver CPC initial tests.

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